Christian Brock + Casper Esmann




Genre Akustisk guitarmusik

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“Christian Brock writes such lyrical tunes with unique rhythms, I’m anxious to see more from him!”
– Travis Bowman
The music of Christian Brock is the melodies of the nature; it levitates lightly above the perfectly still water and lets it’s one wing play easily alongside the water surface, the music generates life and motion from the stil and silent.
Christian Brock has been touring Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark and Sweden with numerous of amazing artist such as RafQu, Salomon Jakobsson and Johan Solo. He has released two ep’s and is currently working on his debut album. In 2016 Christian Brock was guest artist at the American founded fingerstyle record label Fretmonkey Records.

“My Friend Casper, is a dedicated disciple of the guitar and will spread a lot of joy and good music all over Europe in the years to come. Go for it Casper!”
Casper is only 23 years old and is one of Denmark’s best fingerstyle guitarists around today. Casper, who came from playing classical piano for 7 years, was introduced to the guitar 9 years ago. He has played and performed with many famous musicians all over the world, including Sungha Jung, Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Robinson & Adam Raferty. Casper has released two albums so far, and is currently working on his third. With more than 1.000.000 views on YouTube, Csper is slowly establishing his name all over the world.




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